17 junio 2008

Dialogues & Generative Practices (recibido por correo electrónico)

Dialogues that Deliver:
Generative Practices in Collaboration, Conflict and Community
September 25-28, 2008

a Taos Institute Conference in
Sarasota, Florida

Register Now - Early Bird Rates until June 30th.

Join The Taos Institute for a unique opportunity to learn with, explore with and interact with scholars and practitioners discovering and experimenting with dialogic practices that deliver.

Participate in a forum for sharing across multiple arenas of action.
Create opportunities for the collaborative creation of new ideas in dialogue.
Engage in a weaving of theory, practice, conversation, nature, and fun.
Join with others as we generate further resources for social change through dialogue.

The conference will be of particular interest to practitioners and academics from any profession concerned with personal or social change.

For more information visit the Taos Institute conference website: http://taos.taosinstitute.com

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friends and clients.


o The Dialogue of the Practice-Based Approach to Social Change Research with Ron Chenail, Sally St. George, Dan Wulff, Maureen Duffy, Laurie Charles

o The Role of Dialogue in an Appreciative Inquiry with Jane Watkins

o Re-membering Conversations: Constructing Living Dialogues with the Stories of the Dead with Lorraine Hedtke

o Beyond Conflict Resolution: Transformative Dialogue with Sheila McNamee and Sara Cobb

o The Challenge of Introducing Collaborative Practices in Traditional Organizations: Relationships and Conversations with Teachers and Students that Make a Difference with Harlene Anderson and Sylvia London

o Dialogues with the Community: Social Engagement as a Practice of Mental Health with Sue Levin and Saliha Bava

o The Dialogue of the Coaching Partnership: Coaching from an Collaborative/Appreciative Approach with Barbara Sloan

o Rethinking Public Healthcare Practice: Dialogue and Collaboration with Sheila McNamee and Bob Cottor

o Dialogue as Coordinated Movement with Ken and Mary Gergen

o Overcoming Polarization and Estrangement in our Relational Worlds - Family, Professional, Community, and Even Political with Sallyann Roth

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