08 diciembre 2009

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The Sixth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry will take place at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign from May 26-29, 2010. The theme of the 2010 Congress is "Qualitative Inquiry for a Global Community in Crisis." It is clear that in these troubling political times qualitative researchers are called upon to become human rights advocates, to honor the sanctity of life, and the core values of privacy, human dignity, peace, justice, freedom from fear and violence.

The 2010 Congress will offer scholars the opportunity to form coalitions, to engage in debate, and dialogue on how qualitative research can be used to can advance the causes of social justice, while addressing racial, ethnic, gender and environmental disparities in education, welfare and healthcare. Delegates will show how critical inquiry can be used to bridge gaps in cultural and linguistic understandings.

Sessions will take up such topics as: the politics of evidence; alternatives to evidence-based models; mixed-methods; public policy discourse; social justice; human subject research; indigenous research ethics; decolonizing inquiry; standpoint epistemologies. Contributors are invited to experiment with traditional and new methodologies, with new presentational formats (drama, performance, poetry, autoethnography, fiction). Such work will offer guidelines and exemplars showing how qualitative research can be used in the human rights and policy-making arenas.

On May 26 there will be pre-conference language events and on May 27, morning and afternoon professional workshops. The Congress will consist of keynote, plenary, featured, regular, and poster sessions. There will be an opening reception and barbeque as well as a closing old fashioned Midwest cook-out.

We invite your submission of paper, poster and session proposals. Submissions will be accepted online only from October 1 until December 1 2009. Conference and workshop registration will begin December 1, 2009. To learn more about the Sixth International Congress and how to participate, please visit our website <www.icqi.org>.


Tengo un cierto cariño a este Congreso. Aunque no creo que esta vez pueda participar, sí lo hice junto a mi grupo de investigación, JovenTIC, en el del 2006 con una comunicación que podéis leer, si os interesa, pinchando en su título: Internet, Gender, and Identity. Using e-mail as a Tool for Ethnographic Research



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